Who is the STRONG & BEAUTIFUL Program for?

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This program is for men and women. This edition is for people like you who have a desire to finally get their health back on track while having the support and the accountability, you need to stay the course.

You are a beginner when it comes to exercise and nutrition strategies. You are looking for a simple straight forward program to teach you the basics and give you a solid foundation you can grow from.

With The Buddy Edition, you bring your partner, best friend, neighbour… or whoever you want. That person can be your bestie, biggest supporter, or they could be your ‘other half’ so you are both on the same page when it comes to making some healthy lifestyle changes. The best results happen when you have support.

You have knowledge about exercise and/or nutrition but you are struggling with putting the two together into a complete program as part of your daily routine.

Because this program teaches you what to eat, how often to eat, along with getting you to move your body to build and keep your strength, it is safe for anyone; including pregnant women, people with diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.


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