Keeping Food Fresh – Tips from the Experts

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A while ago, I shared a post about how you can eat healthy on a budget. I shared things to look for while grocery shopping – and tips on buying healthy food on a budget. A lot of people ask me, as they did after reading that blog post, how they can make the foods last. Ever bought a food, …

Why you should make the perfect Super Shake-Infographic

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Why you should (and how to) make The Perfect Super Shake. [Infographic] Delicious meals that save time, nourish and satisfy you, in liquid form   Maybe you need a quick breakfast to start your day off right; a quick on-the-go energy-boosting lunch or a mid-afternoon snack as you finish work and gear up to take on the family life. Something you …

Cheat Meals… to cheat or not to cheat?

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At one time, I used to have cheat meals and I used to look forward to them! They were my opportunity to indulge and have those foods that I wouldn’t eat through the week.  Pizza, Chinese food, a burger and fries … oh, and don’t forget the dessert! After all it will be a whole week before I can have …

Fish Oil Supplements – What You Need to Know

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I recently blogged about supplements and the importance of getting all the vitamins and minerals the body needs so everything can function properly. Supplementing fish oil (omegas) is a bit more complex than other supplements—you need to know whether or not you need to supplement, how much you need, and how to supplement properly.

Can’t Lose Weight? 7 Reasons Your Weight Loss Plan Isn’t Working

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You made the decision to get fit and lose some excess pounds. Then (hopefully) you started an exercise plan and backed that up with a nutrition program. And that was all you needed to do, right? You made the choice to eat right; to exercise three times a week…but just when you think you’re on a roll, a special occasion (and ‘celebration food’) pops …

Vitamin deficiency= body inefficiency


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Improve Your Health by Getting Your Vitamins Maybe like many of us, you had a mother or grandmother who liked to nag you (or maybe even still does!) about taking your vitamins. Guess what? They’re right—as long as you’re getting them from pure sources. Making sure you get the proper amount of vitamins will help your body function better.

Yes, Some Fats Are Good For You

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Last week, I shared how there are good carbs and bad carbs, and the importance of consuming certain types of carbs to help achieve your health and fitness goals. If you find yourself just as confused about fats – whether to consume some or none at all, full-fat vs low-fat vs non-fat – you’re not alone. Fats are so often …

Get Carb Smart (Truth About Carbs)

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Isn’t all the information about carbs confusing? Carbs are good because they create energy; carbs are bad because they create fat. The truth about carbohydrates is that there are good carbs and bad carbs; not all carbs are bad, and not all carbs are good. When properly incorporated into your diet, carbs can be used to help you achieve your …