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Now in case you’re wondering who I am, let me give you a quick backstory!

My name is Lisa Austin and I’m the founder of It Fits Me – coaching. I spend most of my days training clients either live online or completely virtual. When I’m not doing that you will find me spending time with my beautiful chocolate lab, Miss Mya, and my husband, Ken.

But why the heck should you trust me?

Hey don’t worry – I’m not offended, it’s a totally fair question!

I wasn’t always fit. I struggled to keep the weight off and I was a self-proclaimed package queen not all that long ago! If it was a perishable food, it wouldn’t be found in my kitchen… at one time! A car accident was the thing that kicked me in the @ss and made me change my ways. After gaining weight, feeling like crap, I hated what I saw in the mirror and talk about pain!

I decided that enough was enough and I started making changes to the things I ate and how I moved my body. My car accident was in 2009 and you could say, the rest is history.

Now, let me tell you what you can expect from me.

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I’m here to bring you the BEST tips, tricks, and tools that I have to make sure that YOU get the most amazing results in your weight loss journey because there’s more to weight loss than just exercise or nutrition, you gotta be consistent and you gotta put yourself first.

That means I work with real A-Players who don’t make excuses, they make results – cool beans? 😉

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