Be Kind to Yourself – Illness & Eating

Did illness hit your household? Maybe you’ve wondered what you should eat to recover faster. What’s that old saying? Starve a fever and feed the cold? Or is it the other way around?

If you’ve had the flu, you know all about the fever, the chills, the aches and the pains. You could sleep for days. I am pretty sure that you didn’t feel like eating. But is that really the best way to have handled the flu?  Let’s look at the mechanics of immunity.

Immunity Headquarters

Your gut is your immunity headquarters. Your stomach acid, Hydrochloric acid, will break down most germs before it even reaches your intestines.

Your body needs to balance good gut bacteria. Good bacteria will fight off and balance out the bad bacteria to help you recover faster. You can balance out your gut bacteria by eating:

  • prebiotics like fruits, vegetables, fats, carbs, or supplements; and,
  • probiotics like dairy, fermented products, and supplements.


What does that all mean?

When you really aren’t feeling well, have foods like:

  • yogurt
  • bananas
  • Kefir
  • Apples

Along with hearty meals such as vegetable and barley soups and stews with a cheese and/or pickles on the side. Besides garlic, I would recommend staying away from anything too terribly spicy. Consider making a soup or stew and keeping portions in the freezer for easy access when you’re not well.

Make sure to check out this infographic for specific foods and some supplements that can speed recovery. Click here to keep it handy for easy reference!

Prevention is the best medicine.  Make sure you stay active, wash your hands often, get enough sleep and manage your stress while still eating a balance of nutrient dense foods.

If you’re already feeling sick make sure that you listen to your body and drink lots of fluids. Allow yourself to rest and recover. Eat some immune-boosting nutrient-dense foods, make sure you’re getting enough pre and probiotics and if you need to, add in some immune-boosting supplements.

A recovery plan is important and this infographic makes it easy to fit without too much energy required.

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