30 Day Challenge It Fits Style

Happy Friday, Everyone: the weekend is here. What do you have planned? We only have so much time before all the leaves are off the trees and the colors will be gone. Walks are especially nice at this time of year, especially to go and enjoy the colours of the season.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Challenges. Specifically, how I thought most, if not all challenges you see all over Facebook and Pinterest were unrealistic and were setting your good intentions up for failure.  I set out to design a challenge that everyone would be able to adjust to their level of experience and reach the finish line. Once you finish one challenge it’s so much easier to start the next one, then who knows, you may love how you feel and the great changes you will see and continue on to the next challenge.

So I have a 30 day challenge for you It Fits Style. 😉 What does that mean?  It means it’s a challenge with realistic numbers and progressions.

What’s the Plan?

Now before starting your challenge you will need to find your purpose or goal to succeed, giving you something to focus on.  Sounds simple enough right? The problem is that in most cases if we do not set out clear goals we are setting ourselves up to going back to our old unhealthy ways. It is so easy to find excuses for skipping workouts and running towards our comfort foods. Don’t give up, plan ahead.

Having a goal or purpose gives you energy, focus, and perseverance during your most challenging times. I think it’s probably safe to say that most people start challenges because they believe a short period time to commit is easy to do, and they want to start to make healthier choices and feel better.  While these are great reasons they are not purposes.

We have to dig a little deeper.  We must ask the question ‘Why?’

Does a disease that can be treated by healthier choices run in your family that you are trying to prevent?

Do you want to gain more energy so you can play with your children or grandchildren?

Are you overweight and can’t participate in the same activities you used to?

The reason or purpose that drives you needs to be something that moves you personally, something that nothing can get in the way of.

  1. Take a few minutes and figure out what your purpose is.  Yup…right now.  It should be a statement written in first person, present tense, as if it is already true. “I’m lean and fit and I want to inspire my family to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”
  2. Write your purpose down on paper. Place it somewhere where it will be visible to you often. The fridge is great or the bathroom mirror
  3. Set little achievable goals to help you along the way. Complete the workout, do all the workouts in the week etc.
  4. Share your purpose.  With me or someone else who is close to you for accountability.
  5. Believe in yourself!  You can do this!!


 Are you ready? Remember are always welcome to contact me at any time if you have questions regarding the challenges ahead lisa@itfitspersonaltraining.ca.


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The first week

You will do 3 sets of each exercise, rest 1 min after each set

For the push up you can have a wide base of support with your feet wider apart or you can do them from your knees.




Second week

You are still doing 3 sets of each exercise, rest 1 min after each set

You can put books or something in a gym bag to use as weights if you don’t have dumbbells for adding resistance to your squats. You can put bag on your back or hold it out in front of you. You can also use bands if you have them.

To progress your push ups you can put your feet together which narrows your base of support.


sandbag-squat-238x210  wm-el-pushup

Third week

You are still doing 3 sets of each exercise, rest 1 min after each set

We are adding more weight. You can add more books or something in a bag, putting sand bags or kitty litter bags in an old gym bag or knapsack is a cheap alternative. Dumbbells are great for adding resistance to your squats. You can also use bands if you have them.

T-push ups are the progression this week.






Fourth week

You are doing 4 sets of each exercise this time, rest 1 min after each set

We are keeping the weight same this week.

Instead of T-push ups we are gonna try Diamond push ups. That simply means you are putting your hands closer together on the floor so your fingers form a diamond shape. These can be pretty intense. It’s OK to do these from your knees again if you need to.

The plank varies this week by switching to the side plank. Alternate sides each round so you will end up doing each side twice.

diamond-pushup-225x210 MH-balcony-plank-exercise-MED-14092010

Final Week

You will do 3 sets of each exercise, rest 1 min after each set

Again, we are keeping the weight the same for the squats but we are widening the stance on the squat and doing sumo squats. These use different muscles.

Staying with Diamond push ups this week.

The plank varies this week by being a 3 point plank, meaning you will have 3 points of contact to the floor or you can do a 2 point plank. You can lift one foot or straighten one arm in front of you or opposite arm and leg.

sumo-squats 3pt-plank-340x150  2pt-plank-340x150

Good luck in your challenge! I would love it if you let me know how you do 🙂

Don’t forget to share with your friends to get them to do it with you. We all need moral support sometimes. 😉


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