HEALTHY body = healthy respect for YOUR body

HEALTHY body = healthy respect for YOUR body


The confusion from information overload is overwhelming.

Stop feeling like a failure because — you’re a rockstar!

Work with Coach Lisa


Get healthy and be the person you want to be with a

Complete Holistic Body and Lifestyle Program



Ditch the diet

Throw out the diet books. Stop the ups and downs of weight loss and start a program with It Fits Me.


Start Feeling Better

Regain youth and vitality, and increase your mobility and flexibility with a program from It Fits Me.


Making it Work

Learn Mind-shifting strategies and develop them into practices to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.


You're Not Alone

You can’t do this your own, you have tried that. With great care and coaching, we’ll get through this together.

I don't care about fad diets and fitness regimes - my focus is caring about you.

How have you helped me, Lisa? In so many ways… today, my new habits have rubbed off on my 10yr old daughter. She chose, on her own, to have a chopped vegetable salad for lunch. Without saying a word, we have encouraged healthier choices. Thank you!!

Davina L

Lisa’s ability to work with me to define my goals and them break them into manageable milestones that can be celebrated really keeps me motivated to keep going. She understands that I am very busy professional with limited extra time in my day to make exercise a priority, so the fact she come to me is amazing! No fighting traffic, no rushing to get to a gym, no buying expensive equipment.It couldn’t be easier or more fun! Thanks Lisa!

Michelle K

Lisa is not narrowly focused towards to helping clients achieving perfection in any area. Instead, she is about offering livable adjustments to lifestyle that helps clients achieve better fitness and healthier diets.

Catherine M

Lisa helped me prepare for my upcoming black belt testing. She took my fibromyalgia and scoliosis into consideration and was able to modify the workouts accordingly. Her fun personality made working out less painful and arduous! Lisa helped me work on my weak areas and balance the stronger ones. She made my back hurt less and even helped decrease the gap in my abs from my two pregnancies! She set the base for my training which resulted in my getting honours in my black belt final mark!

Stephanie H

The results I have achieved to date are due to Lisa’s clear combination of various training methods, individualized exercise programs, and coupled with challenging yet achievable goals – oh, and her willingness to keep on me via emails and personal phone calls. Her professionalism and enthusiasm as well as her commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success! Lisa is passionate about health, and personal training – it truly shows while you are working with her.

Hope C

Because of Lisa and

It Fits Me
  •   Hundreds of clients now love their reflection.
  •   Thousands of pounds of fat have been lost.
  •   Fitness goals were achieved
  •   Dreams were fulfilled

Work with Coach Lisa

  • Recover your health, and break the continual diet-failure cycle.
  • Workout wherever and whenever you want.   Get world-class support and attention.
  • Online Coaching is for you!
  • Customized-for-you fitness and nutrition programs.
  • Online tracking for workouts and nutrition.
  • Start loving your reflection.

Step 1

30-Minute Meeting

Let’s get to know each other. We’ll tell you about the programs, and you’ll tell us about your journey.

Step 2

Focus Session

We’ll assess your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and uniqueness to develop a holistic body and lifestyle program that fits you.

Step 3

Start your Program

Every day you’ll learn and practice fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strat- egies to be the person you want to be.

Step 4

Self Recovery

You regain your confidence, heal from psychological scarring caused by non-stop dieting and learn to love your reflection.

Make a forever change when you work with Coach Lisa

I'm Lisa Austin--but most of my clients call me Coach Lisa.

The problem is you keep failing, which makes you feel helpless, unhappy and depressed. I believe you can break the continual diet-failure cycle. We both know there are too many risks to being overweight. I understand, and I've spent a lifetime struggling with my health issues, which is why I've dedicated my career to learning life-changing techniques and science that have changed hundreds of people's lives.

I know that you want to be fit and full of vitality so you can enjoy your life. To do that, you need to end non-stop-dieting, lose weight and make a forever change in your lifestyle.

exercise with ball
healthy and tasty food

Quit Dieting Starter Kit

Diets suck - and you know it.

You're on them, you're off them, and wait, there's a new one to try! But what if you never had to diet again?

Wouldn't it be great to have no pressure to be perfect?

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could change your relationship to food and stress while becoming happier and more content in the process?

I can help. And the Quit Dieting Starter Kit is your first step.

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